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How To Become A Reggae Musician?

How To Become a Reggae Musician?

There is so much to reggae music than just the nice beats and lyrics that we normally hear on our day to day life. That is why reggae music is considered one of the world most popular music that is known to originate from Jamaica. Coming up with the best lyrics that is also deep with the message is art, but might not be as complex as it seems. That is why if one wanted to become a very good reggae musician, there are several things that have to bear in mind.

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As earlier mentioned, most of the reggae musicians originated from Jamaica but this does not mean that you have to a Jamaican in order to be the best in Reggae music. The music was only made famous by the Jamaican musician. You will realize that most of the music is done in English and not Jamaican. That should not restrict anyone when they want to do the music in their local language.

Listening to Reggae Music.

Apart from listening to Jamaican reggae artist, one should form a habit of listening to all forms of reggae music and they are so many around the world. This is very important because you will not only have experienced a different taste of reggae music but also get a feeling as to how various artist around the globe has approached the music.



You do not need a rocket scientist to identify that for one to be a good reggae musician they have to master the art of singing. When we talk about the art of singing, it is generally talking over the beat. Deejaying which is one of the techniques that nearly all dancehall artist use is another technique that one needs to master. One of the world famous reggae artist Bob Marley mastered this art as well as listening to all genre of music.

Another technique that one should also learn and practice is the Sing – J, which is a mixture between singing and deejaying. This can be best practiced while listening to some of the great artists in like Sizzla and Anthony B have mastered. You will realize that it is very difficult to realize whether they are singing or deejaying at the same time.

Living in Jamaica

Living in Jamaica might sound a little bit extreme but is also another thing that one might consider if they really want to be serious reggae musicians. This way they can not only learn the culture and behavior of reggae musicians but also learn the dialect and sound authentically. it is an expensive affair but you can go around it by buying and listening to the artist that reflects the reggae style that you want to practice.


When you want to become a reggae musician like any other skill it is not a child’s play and requires a lot of time and dedication. The key to achieving your dream is practicing as much as possible. It is important to consider the above-mentioned tricks but above all be true to yourself and sing about things that really matter in life because reggae music is all about the message that you want to deliver.


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